Trust me… I need this

This morning, my wife sent me a picture of our dog.  This isn’t newsworthy on it’s own, though our dog is awesome, but it did make me think.  Our dog, atypically, had spent the night in his kennel, something usually reserved for him only after he’s done something outside the bounds of our family rules.  Most likely we just haven’t found the spot in the house where he pee’d on something, but for a reason unbeknown to us, he felt like he needed to spend the night there-  he disciplined himself.

Trust me... I need this.

If only we could find our way to that same kind of self-imposed care.  Discipline usually sounds so much tougher, but really-  it is a deep level of care, and some of us don’t do well at caring for ourselves.

I wonder if that might be a good place to begin discipline in ourselves, to start with caring.  Then, identify WHAT needs care, attend to THAT THING, and, probably, it will take some “kennel time” to make that thing stick in each of your days.

But, remember, discpline for self or care for self should NOT be done on by your self.  Heb 10:24 and the conviction and guidance of the Holy Spirit should help you realize & understand that.  So, if you do a bit of kennel care, a bit of discipline of self make sure its not by yourself; don’t stay there with it.  SHARE it with a friend and ACCEPT the grace of God that makes life not fair and eliminates the gap between what you will try to do and what you think you need to do (which you ACTUALLY DON’T need to do, because Jesus already did it).