What kind of agent are you?

Outcome AgentI’ve greatly enjoyed the ‘Bourne’ movies so far, so when I saw an ad for the upcoming ‘Bourne Legacy’ the other day, it should not surprise you that I was fixed upon the screen checking it out.  I heard,  ‘something something OUTCOME AGENT something something’ and then I thought, “hmmmmm.”  (all quotes approximate)

It occurred to me, shortly thereafter, that I consider myself some sort of an agent, a change agent of some kind, just not sure what kind that might be.  This, to me begs the question-  which kind of agent are you?   How many kinds are there anyway?

Are you an OUTCOME agent?  Like, does what you do depend on what is on the other side of the equation?   A friend one time lead a group of us in a bible study and referenced an Oswald Chambers quote that has stuck with me.  It goes something like ‘we have nothing to do with the other side of obedience’

So, when I look it that way, I really don’t think I’m an outcome agent in as much as I’m not to concern myself with the outcome of my calling as if it is some transaction that is taking place.

Rather, I’m to be obedient to the call on my life, and let it be transformational instead.  I currently have that on repeat in my head, because the pride in me continues to try to measure and quantify my call instead of shutting up & listening & waiting upon the Lord.

how about you?

those that WAIT upon the Lord will renew their strength….

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  1. Seriously? Psalm 42:10(okay, so maybe it’s in Isaiah somewhere) has been my verse since college. Interesting to see how that plays out. I do consider the other end of the equation in what I do day in and out, and it spills out to personal. Something to keep on replay unless you have a cassette and then the tape just breaks. Age spots. Thanks for posting.

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