Lifelight Festival this weekend

hey y’all.

There is a music festival I work with that is happening this weekend, I run the Souled Out stage.  Check it out here & come say hey.  ALSO- we’ll have a LightsOut booth in the vendor building where you can get the NEW Rocker t-shirt and support artist soul-care at the same time.

you give AND you get – Plus the shirts glow in the dark-  BLAM.

We’ll be working with artists all weekend at this festival who have had a very long summer away from their homes, away from their communities, away from their places of spiritual rest.  Please join us in praying that this will be a place where they receive as well as give, where they are cared for even as they are caring for others, where they hear the beautiful sound of the voice of God saying ‘this is my beloved, in whom I am well pleased!’  even as they are bombarded with the sounds of guilt, and loneliness, and self-loathing that often come calling when they are on stage.  Pray with us that they will hear the truth about who they are, and the liar, the deceiver, will be kept quiet by that truth.  God work in us, God work in them, God show us your mercy when we fail, and help us to see and accept that mercy you offer.

Grace & Peace this week to you, come say hi at the LightsOut booth & let us know you’re out there.


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  1. Just wanted you and Emily to know that Robb and I are praying for you all this weekend as you help those who need a soul rest. We wish we could come but with work and school starting next Tuesday it is not in the plans. We will be thinking of you and sending you “energizing” thoughts as you minister long hours to those who need you. Love you all and can’t wait to see you soon!!

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