God is teaching me through Time & Space. Oh, and Fire.

So, you know how when you wake up and say, “Today will be a good day, my Jeep probably won’t go up in a ball of flames today!”    Yeah.  Well, yesterday wasn’t one of those days for me. 

Its been easy for me to comfort others or to try to help them gain perspective on life and loss of things or stuff, because, honestly… its THEIR STUFF.  When the stuff is mine, well, it just plain sucks to lose it.  And, I did ‘LOSE IT’ for a while yesterday, like right after I got the phone call that my Jeep was on fire.  Then again when I saw said Jeep, post fire.  Then again when I thought about what the heck will I do without a car and no insurance to replace it?  Then again… then again… 

Then, after the fire inspectors & firemen left and my family and I got back to our house, I picked up my tear-stained & rosy-red cheek-ed daughter (who had been in the car with my son and I not 5 minutes before it went up in flames) and said “it’s ok honey… it’s just stuff.”  I didn’t really fully embrace the words at that moment, but am learning to. 

Time & Space away from our stuff sure helps gain perspective on its importance and grasp on our life.  And, really, in the end, its not MY stuff anyway;  it’s GOD’S stuff.  And, sometimes some of God’s stuff blows up-  it’s 4th of July time!  

Seriously though, I know that I am merely a steward of what God has given me, and I do the best with what I have while I have it, then TRUST that God will make a way.  I have already been contacted by some dear friends doing their best with what God has given them to be stewards of as they want to help us find a new vehicle.

God is making a way, every day, with everything we have.  He makes all things new, and often the thing that is being made new is me, my eyes, and my heart.  I pray you will give thanks today for what God has blessed you with, and ask Him to make your eyes new today.  Oh, and watch out for sparks, sometimes God speaks through fire!

                          (Argus Leader news story on the fire here)

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