Invitation to understanding

There was a great article in the magazine Alt Press yesterday, pointed to me by Disciple guitarist Andrew Welch, which is a GREAT primer for those seeking to care more deeply for the community of which you are a part.   This is a community you might not have been AWARE that you are a part of, but if you consume art, whether words or music or pictures,  you are part of the crew.  Creatives create NOT in a vacuum or void, but within the context of a world filled with people like you and I, and their creations feed our souls in ways that nothing else can.

I’d love to have you take 5-10 minutes and read this article, then toss a comment or 2 on here, or email me what thoughts this provokes in you.  I promise you this will open your eyes a little, will enlighten you a bit, and MAYBE even help you begin to care more deeply.  Want to help the very folks this article is talking about?  swing by the LightsOut store or get in touch & be part of OUR team as we minister to artists and seek to provide care for those serving in these spaces.

to read the AP article click here:

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