LightsOut Summer 2010 – verse 5 – REPEAT ?

REPEAT ? We want to continue the work set before us- to provide a consistent pastoral presence in the lives of those consistently away from theirs.  We want to make a change in the daily lives of those serving under the lights. to provide an element of hope, help, and health in all we do.
We want to be obedient to the call of God on our life.  We want you to experience the joy that comes from being obedient as well.  Is God moving on your life to join the work of the Kingdom in which LightsOut is engaged?  If so, it is our prayer that you would be willing to listen & act

Pray:    Ask God to speak to you about your resources
Move:   Act when He asks you to, be ready to serve with what  He’s given you
Crash:    It may mean your world changes drastically to serve HIM
                      -be ready to see things in a new way and be blessed!
Repeat?  God wants LIFE ABUNDANT for you.  That often means
                 we celebrate the gift of forgetting, so He can teach us
                 again what it means to rely on Him.  Do it today, listen
                 for His still small voice telling you-  Pray. Move. Crash.

We ask that you’d consider a year-end gift to LightsOut, all gifts are tax-deductible. 
let us know if you’d like mailing address info.

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