LightsOut Summer 2010 – verse 3

    We are trying to be obedient.  The reality is that the artists we serve, these guys and girls are doing the same, living out their calling as each of us are trying to do in our various walks of life.  The difference is, for these folks, they are looked up to by tons of people for guidance and the way through life because of their ‘status’ on stage.  Further, the difference for these folks is that they are  away from home and hope, community and care week after week.  LightsOut is seeking to be a consistent pastoral presence in the lives of those who are consistently away from theirs.   Our movement is pushed by God’s moving in our lives, but carries with it the need for us to be moving as part of a larger community within the body of Christ-  what WE are doing, what HE is asking us to move through, is directly connected to YOU moving as well in response to what God has given you in time & treasure.  There is joy in serving and sharing what we’ve been given, I pray you are moving toward experiencing that same joy!  Join us- Pray & get Moving!

see you back here tomorrow as we listen a bit more to the song God is teaching us… 
“I will sing… sing a new song!”  Ps. 40

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