LightsOut Summer 2010 – verse 2

Hey!  you came back!  cool.  We’ve been exploring what WE did this summer, but wanted also to talk to YOU about how this intersects your life… basically SO WHAT?

Glad you asked!  you can help in huge ways.  You can:

we’d love prayer for the following:

  • Web site development and collaboration with another national ministry-  pray for logistics and details to come together so we can have a REAL web site for LightsOut
  • Fall ministry opportunities & on-bus tour mini-retreats
  • Places to share the vision of LightsOut with people that could help fund the mission and ministry
  • Praise – for God’s provision & protection throughout the summer!   There were so many times we were in very dangerous situations, ones that could have ended up VERY badly.  For example  the 1.5 hour drive in Germany for Dave on the autobahn in an overloaded and scary car (whose driver hadn’t done much driving the last 4 YEARS!) or the accident we had with our RV this summer on the interstate – in those PHYSICAL ways we felt more than covered by God’s hand, but also in so many SPIRITUAL ways, we felt his hand upon us, guiding, leading, inspiring;  as we encouraged others WE were encouraged too!  Please please please set a time for 5 minutes right now, get out a post-it, pray and ask God to bring to mind a specific artist you can pray for, a specific area of life to pray about for that artist, and a specific way you can serve LightsOut with your resources.  Then, when the timer has gone off, take another 5 minutes to listen for God’s response and write it down on your post it-  stick that on your computer & pray for those things all week-  we’d love to hear what you heard!

see you back here tomorrow, we’ll listen to this song God’s creating in us and in you some more!

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