LightsOut Summer 2010 – verse 1

Did you know that it is 100% because of friends like YOU; that you care, pray, share the resources God has blessed you with, that LightsOut was able to have a great spring and summer?  Truth.  And, more truth, we are STOKED about how the fall & winter are taking shape:

  1. Already we have been contacted by 2 artists about us doing a mini-retreat for them out on the road this fall, and….
  2. Dave will again be joining the LifeLight Tour as their Tour Pastor this December.  We are VERY excited for the daily opportunities to lead devotions and provide pastoral care & counsel for LightsOut regulars Everyday Sunday, John Reuben, and painter/speaker Eric Samuel Timm, as well as DJ Steve Wade and a host of folks we’ll meet on the tour

We can’t do this without your help!  If you’d like to know more about our fall/winter plans, or want to know how you can be a part of shaping the hearts & souls of these influential young men & women, please email or call- we’d love to chat!

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Summer Wrap-Up
As we reflect on the last few months, the song of the summer for LightsOut seems to go like this: Pray.Move.Crash.Repeat.  Catchy tune, eh?

     We started the process of where we’d head for festivals with PRAYer, and sent out the requests to serve at each of the locations we ended up working with.  One of the festival Directors called me and in his first email said of our desire to serve their artists, “…this is such an answer to PRAYer for us!!”    That was exciting news to hear, and it was a pleasure to serve alongside Joel and his great team at Crossfest.   Our PRAYers were answered again this year in the form of a summer home for us as we traveled- DORIS the RV. 
     From there, was the MOVE aspect of our summer- getting everything lined up for logistics, routing, and even listening for the Holy Spirit to MOVE in our lives and in the lives of those we served.  We spent much time listening to the heartfelt stories of artists, to their hurts and their dreams and goals.  In each of those things we felt space to MOVE, saw God MOVE in these lives, saw the Spirit MOVE over the crowds as they joined in worship and in surrender of old ways in exchange for a new way to MOVE.
     There was one common element of the summer we saw at every stop, and really at every connection point with artists- whether physically seeing them or just talking with them over the phone/txt/email.  That common element was that at some point, we all have something enter our world that causes a CRASH.  That may show itself in exhaustion, in surrender to temptation, in emotional breakdown, a myriad of different ways.  We have tried to be a place to vent and offer solace and respite for folks, so they have a safe spiritual place to CRASH, and that has been something we have been thankful to be able to provide.  Needing to have a deep, meaningful talk, but not having someone to talk to can be a lonely and isolating feeling.
    Summer touring to festivals is a very rewarding and diverse experience, but it is at the same time like re-living the same week(end) over and over again.  The same bands, the same merchandise booths, the same fried food on sticks, the same people asking the same questions over and over again.   It can begin to feel like someone clicked the ‘REPEAT‘ button for your summer.  That feeling, though providing some comfort in routine, can also kill your soul’s quest for something more and deeper.  It’s hard to explain, but living ‘Groundhog Day‘ all summer tends to make one forget about those things you were gonna do, what you were gonna read, how you were wanting to grow.  A person can really feel ‘stuck’ spiritually without someone else helping to keep you accountable or discipling you.

Life on REPEAT isn’t how we were designed.  LightsOut is trying to keep life from just being a day on REPEAT & instead helping shape transformational relationships with Christ-
SO WHAT?  Glad you asked!  you can…  
tune in here the next 4 days & we’ll explore this song a little further! 
(looking for the CRASH story that had Dave in TEARS?  us too- can’t wait to share it over the next 3 days!)

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