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LightsOut News & Updates: Spring is traveling!

I’m sitting in Denver beside my lovely bride, she’s working diligently on her bible study for this coming week, I’m doing my best to sit in one spot for a few hours and try to work during our layover of 4 blissful hours. A small price to pay for getting to minister to about 80 missionaries, youth pastors & spouses this past week at the Asilomar State Park near Pacific Grove, Ca (while ALSO being ministered TO by some of these same people). I am so thankful for the ability, the desire, the burden- all given to me by God- to minister to these folks leading the next generation of those who will be part of pointing people to Christ with their lives, all over the world. I got the opportunity to talk about LightsOut during one of the general sessions, as well as a chance to lead 3 break-out sessions for the youth workers. The general session blurb was to introduce those in attendance to the project that Emily has been working on, a way for youth groups to connect with artists by praying for them and helping to support their care on an ongoing basis through monthly contributions, we are calling it “I’m W.I.T.H the band” and it launches this summer. If you lead a student ministry, or a group that would like to get regular prayer updates and would like to support artist care, please let us know! The break-out session that Emily and I led was on Soul-Care, Self –Care & Accountability. As a former full-time youth pastor, I know the rigors of student ministry, especially the schedule that I often enforced on myself and the unhealthy pace of life that went with it. My hope for our time together with the youth workers was to shed some light on the realities created by our schedule, and ask a question I often ask myself- “Does my schedule look like one of someone who wants to hear from God” We talked about current ministry struggles and had some great introductory conversations with young youth workers from Canada, the US, and some soon heading to Japan. Your support of LightsOut (along with some wonderful scholarships provided by the NAB conference and CEIF) made it possible for us to be there, ministering to these hopeful but sometimes HURTING youth workers- so, THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU- you are making a difference in our lives, but also the lives of youth and their pastors in Canada, Japan, and the US too!

We must go through the valley…
As we took some time to reflect on life and ministry while we were at the North American Baptist (NAB) Youthworker Summit, several things weighed heavy on our hearts- the demands and reality of ministry life on young families & young artists/bands; that God’s people are still sinful people, and that sin hurts each of us. Without the hope we find in Jesus, this life can be very discouraging for all of us, no different for those trying to share the gospel as their calling and job. Though sin is a burden, Christ’s love is a true joy and we want to continue to share the burdens and the needs, along with the joy of serving. We continue to believe strongly that this is a ministry God has put a calling on our life to do- it is HIS ministry, we are just stewards of it. Therefore, as partners in this, it is YOUR ministry too. Please join us in praying regularly for the following things, and if you are praying, could you let us know you are doing so?

For Prayer –

1. a place to minister AT

  • We want to hear back from the summer festivals we are wanting to minister alongside, please pray for Festival Directors as they decide whether or not we would benefit their ministry, and further that they would make a decision by April 15th so we can firm up summer schedule & routing.

2. a place to minister IN

  • We are extremely thankful for the 38’ RV we were gifted last summer, and are praying for something to work out again this summer, so we may have a place to call home- FOR us, but ALSO for the artists. The value of this is enormous, it is a major need, please pray with us for an RV to use/lease for the summer, or for one to be donated!

3. those we minister TO

  • We continue to build the roster of artists that have reached back to us after we’ve reached out to them. There are many away from home & hope, community & care most of their time, and we have had some great opportunities this last month to spend time out on the road, being a consistent pastoral presence for the guys in Remedy Drive, John Reuben, Day of Fire, and to Eric Samuel Timm. You can be in prayer for health (physical & spiritual- not easy when you are traveling), for the families of these artists as they are away, and for opportunities to share the love of Christ each day in multiple ways- on AND off-stage

4. Pepsi RefreshEverything Grant
We’ve applied for a grant, and the beauty is that it is awarded based on public voting, so please do this:

  • Pray pray pray that we get selected to be one of the 1000 monthly accepted and the 32 awarded each month
  • You’ll get info soon about how YOU CAN HELP! When we email you, PLEASE vote daily for LightsOut to win the $50k

5. LifeLight Spring Tour

  • Dave is going to be Tour Pastor to Brian ‘Head’ Welch (formerly of KoRn), The Classic Crime, and Children 18:3 for 2 weeks, as well as helping anyone making a decision to follow Christ at the concert. Please pray for Dave to stay healthy, to listen to the Spirit, and to be able to attend to the spiritual health of those on the tour.
    Dave has also been on the road a good deal with artists, and will be doing a bit more traveling to continue to deepen relationships with those we serve. Please continue to lift Dave up in prayer for safety & health, and also that Emily and the family are safe & things go well at home while he’s gone.

We continue to seek support for the ministry we have been given to steward. If you have the ability to help make the gospel go forth through healthier vessels, please join us financially by becoming a monthly donor! Here is what YOU are helping to make possible with YOUR SUPPORT this month!
supporting & educating youth pastors on soul-care, ministry life & accountability
Joining four artists/bands on the road as their pastor for a day or 3 each. Praying for them, caring for them, joining them in their walk with Christ- out on the road
Writing and assembling resources to help them be accountable, discipled, and connected spiritually.

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