LightsOut is a process as much as a program; its a hope and an idea that things can be better for those serving under the lights, and it is developing even as we develop. If you want to know more, email us at Info {at} LiveLightsOut.org

So, I’ve been given this thought… that those who serve under the lights get chased the hardest when the Lights go Out. In my experience as one serving in a ‘spotlight’ position the last 15 years, I have experienced this chasing; the haunting feeling that I am not good enough, I don’t have it, they’ll soon find out what i’m really like- which isn’t that great. I also have found that the feeling is the strongest right after it’s the weakest. What I mean is, for me, right after things are the best, they are the worst, the darkest right after they are the brightest. Things are so good for so many when the lights are on, but when the kids go home, when the people leave, when the things are packed up, and that massive CLICK happens, when the lights go out… where do YOU go… how do YOU handle it… when the darkness chases, are you able to live LightsOut? What do ‘you’ look like when no one is there to look? LightsOut would like to help you explore those questions, help you connect with Hope, and shed light on the you that no one sees, so the you no one sees is the you that you’ve been created to be.

-dave decker jr

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Who: Pastor Dave & Emily Decker, 15+
year youth ministry veterans

What: We seek to provide soul care for
those away from it-  Bands are on the road
much of the year, and away from those
things we all need to care for our souls

How:  We connect with artists when they
are where we are, at venues all over
the world, wherever we are invited.

Our summer is meant to deepen & develop
relationships with artists, reaching out to
them & offering spiritual hope, help, health.
Those that reach back, we track with thru
the year physically and thru technology.  We
provide a wide variety of things like prayer,
care, counsel, bible study, food, and even
a place to stay.

Can I help?  yes, you can.
1. Pray for us.
2. Pray for your favorite artist
3. Give – your time is great, we need your
prayers, but we can’t do this without
financial support.  If you want to know how
to help, just email or ask.